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 Rules for moderators

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Rules for moderators Empty
PostSubject: Rules for moderators   Rules for moderators Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 11:10 pm

Hey guys, James here.
Just thought i would post a few sets of rules regarding moderators behavior on the forums.

First things first.
Moderate your assigned board, and that board ONLY
I can not stress this enough. We do not want issues arising from people abusing moderating powers by editing evey post in every topic they think needs editing etc.

Try to moderate only where necesary, You are moderator of your thread, and the one in charge. But don't go grammar Nazi editing other peoples posts. This will be seen as abuse of power.

Moderators are trustworthy members of the forums.

Another rule i would like to set out, is that threads will only be created for legit reasons. No pointless threads, or rants or anything the likes of which have no particular point within the topic. They WILL be deleted, and if they reoccur the mod responsible will be removed as a mod and replaced.
I dont want to dwell on the bad side, but unfortunately, misusing of the moderators powers will result in punishment. Either a ban warning, a ban or suspension, consequences may also include removal of moderator status, in that case, a new moderator will be appointed to your forum topic.

Please name your threads properly. Spelling is not an issue for posts but try to keep the forum thread titles looking clean.

You are mod of your designated area of the forum, however that does not restrict others from starting threads in your area. This is perfectly acceptable, however, as they fall under your area, you may still mod on a thread that is not yours, but was posted in your area.

Sorry guys, there has been no official guidelines for mods lately, so had to set the standards for modding. I trust i wont have to take action against any mods in the near future

Queen is admin, Problem?
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Rules for moderators
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