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 Rules for posting.

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Rules for posting. Empty
PostSubject: Rules for posting.   Rules for posting. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 11:17 pm

Just setting out some rules for posting as well. Nothing to serious, just a few things to take into mind before posting.

No overly offensive content to be submitted. If something is submitted that you consider offensive, contact admin or a mod, and we will determine the offensiveness and actings will be taken depending on the content.

Please, no arguments. A good debate about topics is fine. Everyone it entitled to their own opinion, and if you don't want to hear others opinions then a forum isn't the best place for you to be. Just remember- Each it to their own.

Try not to arc up at other users, if there is a conflict or issues contact a mod or admin.

Try to keep things a little clean on the forums.

But most of all - HAVE FUN! Very Happy

Queen is admin, Problem?
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Rules for posting.
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