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 The UN sanctions Libya

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The UN sanctions Libya Empty
PostSubject: The UN sanctions Libya   The UN sanctions Libya Icon_minitimeMon Feb 28, 2011 11:28 pm

The UN has ordered various sanctions on the country of Libya due to Colonel Gadaffi's atrocity's he has been committing against what started out as peaceful protesting.

The sanctions completely shut off tourism and most means of commercial transportation from the country, and seize any funds from anywhere in the world from being sent to any account within Libya and vise versa.

This is aimed at restricting Gadaffi's availability to move from the country shall a crisis arise. It is also aimed at not allowing Gadaffi to receive funds from surrounding supporting countries.

The UN has officially referred the case of Gadaffi, who has apparently now killed around 1,000 protesters, to the International Criminal Court, under the allegations that he has committed 'Crimes against Humanity'.

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The UN sanctions Libya
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